The upcoming residential estate in Sengkang will have up to 10,000 houses

Based on the plans proposed for a residential estate near the Tampines expressway (TPE) Singapore is able to build 10,000 new homes on a large piece of land in Fernvale North, Sengkang.

Urban Redevelopment Authority is preparing an 18.9ha housing area that will be bounded between Jalan Kayu and Fernvale Street. The TPE, as well as the upcoming Sengkang West Drive, will be part of the site.

The proposed amendments to URA’s master plan, published on April 29, show the presence of parks, a religious facility, and a medical and health facility. Analysts from the property industry believe that the site will be able to be able to accommodate a mix of public and privately funded projects.

URA stated that the development will support the demand for housing in the region, and provide residents, both current and future, with “commercial and recreational amenities, in addition to social and community facilities more accessibility to parks, and better roads connectivity”.

The site, which measures about 35 football fields in size It is located near Seletar West and the Seletar West Aerospace Park.

Two LRT stations are nearby, Thanggam and Kupang. In addition, Sengkang Riverside Park is within walking distance.

The amendments proposed change the plot ratios for parcels of land from 3.9 to 4. The plot ratio determines the extent of development that is allowed for land.

Property analysts believe the site can produce between 8 to 12,000 units.

Ms Christine Sun, chief researcher and strategist at property firm OrangeTee Group, said a mixture of Build-To-Order (BTO) condominiums, flats and executive condos could be built on the property.

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She added that there may be a lingering demand for BTO apartment units in Sengkang because the last time a project was launched in the city was in 2019.

“Some residents have resided there for about 10 to 20 years and could be planning to move to private homes. Parents may also wish to move downgrade and be near their children already living in these areas,” she added, noting that the large area could accommodate this demands.

Eugene Lim, ERA Singapore’s chief executive officer, stated that the location of the site is “strategically situated” to help support the workers located nearby at Punggol District Digital as well as Seletar Aerospace Park.

He pointed out that an undeveloped industrial enclave in Seletar West Road is situated just 2km away from the Fernvale site.

He suggested that the location could attract people to help in the creation of an industrial and commercial zone within the immediate vicinity.

The Seletar Link Flyover, near the Fernvale plot, went live in January. The flyover connects Seletar Link to TPE in order to facilitate the anticipated rise in traffic caused by new developments in Punggol.

Once completed, the newly constructed Sengkang West Drive will provide motorists with a second road to Sengkang town.

Gan Thiam Poh of the Ang Mo Kio GRC, who is the person responsible for the Fernvale Area in Sengkang and supervises it, states that the huge residential parcel can help meet the demand for housing in the region.

He stated: “I’ve received requests from Sengkang residents – some of them claimed they were planning to get married and want to be close to their parents. Others have said they would like to upgrade their home to accommodate their growing children.”

“I have spoken to the relevant authorities about the requests and am pleased to see that this plot is developing.”

He also said that the two LRT stations in the vicinity will link residents of the future to other amenities in Sengkang.

In Bukit Panjang, new homes could be constructed on the site that was previously Greenridge Secondary School.

The school, which had been located at the Bukit Panjang Ring Road site since 1992, merged with Fajar Secondary School in 2023 and was relocated to the former’s campus on Gangsa Road.

URA had suggested rezone the land of 33,195 square meters from an educational institution into a residential area to support the demand for housing in the region and provide more residents with access to amenities as well as public transportation.

Ms Sun stated that the plot could yield around 700 flats, or 1,000 private apartment units. She added that the development is more likely to be a BTO because of the small quantity of flats that are that are available within the estate.

Petir Park Edge, a project consisting of 191 two-room flats, was announced by BTO in Bukit Pantjang in December 2023. The previous launch prior to this project was in the year 2016.

Mr Lim stated that 550-650 units comprising four- and five-room flats are possible to be built on the plot as there has been a lack of larger units launched within the estate.

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